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This type of music isn’t understood by everyone as it is not for everybody. It’s not just “techno” or “loud noise.” It’s beyond that. For us EDM enthusiasts, it’s something much more profound & beautiful that is ours. For us, it’s a spiritual thing; it’s a body thing; it’s a soul thing. It’s something we hold in our hearts. For us, it’s a way of life. 

EDM IS FREEDOM. It’s a world of its own. It’s not about the color of your skin, your orientation, or where you’ve came from. It’s about the freedom to live in the moment in unison with thousands of beautiful people who all share same passionate love for this music. It’s about the freedom to express ourselves however we please without the existence of judgement. & all you have is love, passion, inspiration, & sincerity, which are all combined to create life changing memories that will never be forgotten.

Some things in life can be easily forgotten, but the feeling I get when my favorite artist(s) drops my favorite tracks is something I will never forget. There’s nothing more gratifying than being with your loved ones at an event & indulging in the same music you so passionately love. The music, the culture, the scene, the good vibes, the experience, & the memories created are unlike anything in this world. EDM brings people together like no other music can. & in those moments, we are united as one, we are filled with so much love, we are free.

MUSIC IS EUPHORIA. It’s all about the journey that music takes you on. Music allows you to understand & express the feelings in which words cannot. Music is that rawr physical emotion that you can touch. It’s neon ecto-energy that’s been sucked out of spirits & switched into sound waves for our beloved ears to swallow. Profound sound waves that makes our skin tingle from the heavy Dopamine release. Music carries us on a journey where we are able to escape to the highest plateau of ecstasy to become sedated in a state of bliss. It’s a state of euphoria that fills us, completes us, & get us so lifted off the ground. It’s a feeling of belonging, a feeling of peace, a feeling that surges through our entire body as it electrifies our soul. & in those moments, we are truly alive.


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mitchthompson484 asked:

Was thinking more of like online, writing a story with someone else... there anything could go... be curious to see you larp her.. bet you would be deadly ;)

rp online? how does that work out? i have a friend whos writing a story online also in Spanish and i am one of the characters. I have to have someone translate it for me but its pretty awesome!

mitchthompson484 asked:

Love your Poison Ivy :) You don't happen to rp her too do you?

to be honest i haven’t ever rp ever. you mean like larp right? In highschool i was in my schools theater magnet and tons of plays so i love improving and what not but my senior year i learned i loved the behind the scene action more. the costume, make up, fake skin ect…

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